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Product Detail
DESCRIPTION: Disposable Latex Gloves, Power Free
MOQ: 600PCS ~****

Latex powder free examination gloves offer ultimate comfort and protection, a perfect combination of strength, elasticity and slip resistance. Because of their thickness and elasticity they perform well in high risk, heavy duty situations. They fit comfortable like a second skin. The only downside to nature rubber latex examination gloves is that being a protein based compound they may cause allergic reaction and irritation in some people including anaphylatic reaction.

-   Beaded cuff for easy donning and prevention of roll back.
-   Excellent and tactile sense
-   Textured for improved grip
-   Powder-free glove inner coated ( other powdered product available )
-   Low level of extractable proteins and chemical residue
-   Food safe, suitable for handling all food stuffs
-   AQL 1.5

Quality Standard
-Complies with EN 455 and EN 374 and ISO 11193

Technical Information
Product type:Powdered, Powder-free, unsterile
Main material:Latex
Colour:Nature White
Model:Ambidextrous, with rolled rim
Storage:Protect from heat, humidity, strong light and ozone
Size/overall length as per EN 455-2:XS, S, M, L and XL 240mm
Impermeability as per EN 455-1:AQL1.5
Shelf Liferd:Min. 2 years